Using the browser history to target online customers of selected banks with malware

August 9, 2008

So the first question is: Howto find out what other sides a visitor of your site visted?

You say that’s not possible with the exception of the referrer in the HTTP header and by placingĀ  images/iframes with cookies on some other sites, like google/doubleclick are doing it? Wrong there is an other method which allows you to check the browser history against any list of sites you want to check.

And it is really simple, provide a list with links in a hidden iframe to the browser and a JavaScript. This script checks the style of the links, already visit ones are different than new ones for the browser. For social bookmarking sites you should take a look at following free script, no need to program it by yourself šŸ˜‰

But maybe you want not only to help your visitors by showing the social bookmarking badge he/she uses, but to get more information on them, e.g. is the visitor a he oder she? You should be able to get that information by the sites the browser has visited, there are ones for likely visited by men and others by women. Check this link out for a test if this site-to-gender formula works for you. (The current version will block your browser for some time).

But now to the more harmful part. You can find out which bank the visitor is using and use this information to do specific attack on the customers of special banks (e.g. the ones for which you’ve a working fake online banking homepage, maybe?). This way an attacker can keep a lower profile as he only tries to attack online banking customers of the banks he wants and not anybody.

Many of such homepages are found by automatic scanning system, but they did not visited the online banking site your want to attack, so you will not show any maleware. This way it is also more unlikely that an attackers site is marked by google as malware infected.

So the question is: Are sites already using this technique to get information about their users?

If you know more about this topic write a comment please!

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