This blog is about Linux (and open source in general), IT security, and tips and tricks and if possible some off topic stuff. I define Linux in this case as the whole ecosystem which is built around the Linux kernel. Still to fuzzy?

In my spare time I often write small scripts which help me to save time. These are often small scripts, but even the medium ones (at least in the beginning) are too small for a dedicated project page (e.g. on sourceforge) like I did for ignis or cdemu. I specially don’t know if anyone is
interested in them and/or what additional features and functionality are needed. In this blog I can just post them and attach the source to post and look if they are interesting for others.

In my daily life I come also across problems where I’m not able to find HowTos or good solutions by simple searching in Google. Maybe it’s because I’m not entering the correct search terms ;-). In this cases I will post the problem and solution in this blog so Google will hopefully find it for others who search with the same terms I do.

This blog should also be the place which links my various online stuff together, and provide it hence with a higher Page Range in Google and makes all of my stuff easier findable for others.

The above topics are mostly about making stuff, which I would have also done without this blog, easier accessible for others, which will be the major part of the blog’s content (at least in the beginning), the following topics are more likely to generate content explicitly for this blog.

IT security interested me since my time at the university – and my master thesis with the topic “Analysis and design of a SIM based authentication solution for WLAN” was also in this field. As you see I’ve quite an interest in this field, and I therefore thought it should be fun to blog about it. There won’t be many articles as I’m not thinking about just linking to other information and saying “Yeah they’re right”.

To contact me send a mail to the email address:

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