UniFi Lab for Ubiquiti UniFi Access Points

October 14, 2012

I don’t know how widely the UniFi Access Points are known. So here are some short facts:

  • Central management software which is written in Java and runs basically on any Linux, Windows and MacOS System and can be controlled via browser. At I must say it is a really nice GUI – at least compared to the Motorola one I used previously. 😉
  • You only need to buy the Access Point and not also licenses for the management software.
  • Various models which include following features:  standard PoE, 802.1n, outdoor, 2,4 and 5Ghz, captive portal … The SOHO version for small deployments start at 70-80 Euro per piece, the pro version is at about 200 Euro.
  • I’ve it running 2 installations, one with over 60 access points , so it also scales.

Take a look at their site and also at the faq.

Anyway there is now a new software in beta, which the power users of this solution surely like. Its written in Python and is Open Source (modified BSD license). At the moment is does following:

  1. MAC addresses white list
  2. Poor signal reconnect (or Minimum RSSI)
  3. WLANs on/off schedule
  4. Periodically Reboot APs

You can download UniFi Lab from github. Details are on following wiki page: http://wiki.ubnt.com/UniFi_Lab

And as it is Open Source and in a scripting language it should be easy adopted to your special wishes/needs.

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