Bootable antivirus rescue CDs

January 19, 2014

There seams to be a virus wave here in Austria and Germany, don’t really know why but somehow many people click on the links and download the malware. Maybe its because the mail is a faked invoice from some well known (mobile) telecommunication providers and are written in good German – normally spam like this written in broken German. And it seams that the mail passed anti spam systems as I got the some mails on the cooperate account and at home .. normally I don’t get spam mails for month.

Anyway, while I was driving home today it was even in the local radio news .. one of the top items there. And when I was home a relative, which is not that close by called me and asked be how to get ride off that virus. He got infected as initially his anti virus didn’t detected it. I recommend him following link from Raymond. Its a comprehensive list of 26 bootable antivirus rescue CDs for offline scanning. I recommend him to use at least two of the following from the list.

  • Bitdefender Rescue CD
  • Kaspersky Rescue Disk
  • F-Secure Rescue CD
  • Windows Defender Offline

So if you get asked the same from your relative you don’t need to search further. 😉

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