iptables dynamic port script for NFS

May 10, 2008

Some days ago I talked with a friend (here a link to his homepage) about firewalls and file servers and he told me he has a iptables script which adapts to the NFS ports automatically. I asked him for this script and here is it. Thx Hannes for the script.

# rpcinfo -p prints a list of all registered RPC programs
# sed -e '1D' removes the headline
# tr -s ' ' '\t' replaces repeated spaces with a single tab
# cut -f 4,5 we only need the protocol- and port-columns
# sort | uniq removes the duplicate lines
# now we have lines with the needed protocol and port but for splits
# this lines to single words so we have to store the protocol
for l in `rpcinfo -p | sed -e '1D' | tr -s ' ' '\t' | cut -f 4,5 | sort | uniq`
  case $l in
      iptables -A INPUT -p $PROTOCOL --dport $l $SYN -j ACCEPT

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  1. very useful
    it works really fine
    thank you very much

    best regard from Italy

    Comment by Stefano — January 3, 2013 #

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