Online VM builder for VMware Player

May 10, 2008

Every used VMware Player to “play” precreated VMs? I did, but I thought when I need to create VMs by my own I need VMware Workstation or Virtual PC if was running Windows and not Linux. Ok and there is now VirtualBox, but I never used it before, but as it comes now with Ubuntu 8.04 its changes are raising (no need to compile anything like kernel modules for every security update of the kernel). Anyway I found some thing that allows you to use Vmware Player with your own VMs. Following Websites allow you to create images for VMware Player:

VM Builder

I think the first is the best one. Maybe this info helps also others, as most of the time VMware Player is enough and someone does not need the Workstation version, and Virtual PC 2007 is bad product. Ever tried to run a current Linux kernel on it. It crashes the kernel. I learned that the hard way with Ubuntu 8.04 server within a Virtual PC 2007. Which was not easy to install in the first place, but booting the current kernel after the installation was the end point of the journey, no problem with VMware Player however.

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