Amazon MP3 with Linux downloader

March 4, 2008

I don’t really know why a special client program is necessary in the first place but still it is time to celebrate a little bit. Amazon has announced the beta version, which still has the full functionality, of a Linux client for their music download portal. The software is provided as binary packages for Ubuntu 7.10, Debian 4.0, Fedora 8 and OpenSUSE 10.3 (Sorry no source available). The music itself is DRM free and provided as high quality MP3 files.

It seems that Linux is now getting more awareness in the desktop field which is good. But I still don’t understand why Amazon does not an AJAX enhanced web site as their competence lies in that area. What I would like to see is an open API for accessing the portal/music so it could be integrated into Amarok or similar open source programs.

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