Ubuntu grows into the Enterprise

February 11, 2008

Matt Asay writes about an Alfresco’s Open Source Barometer survey which shows that Ubuntu is the fastest-growing Linux distribution. I won’t repeat the exact values here – read the original blog entry.
What I want to talk about it is that normally (K)Ubuntu is thought to be strong in the end-user desktop market, but Alfresco has mostly enterprise customers, which leads to the conclusion that Ubuntu has also an impact on enterprise level. I’ve started deploying Ubuntu Servers side by side with Debian on servers and specially on desktops with the first Ubuntu LTS release, but I thought thats just me. But it seems I was wrong – some other guys are also installing it the enterprise ;-).

I like that move as Ubuntu provides the same distribution for free and with a support contract. With RHEL I need to choose a clone like Centos, which at least in the past did not provide every package RHEL provided, for some less important servers. With Ubuntu I can use the same setup and maintenance process for all of my servers and that is specially important as I use OpenVZ a lot, which leads to many installed Ubuntu systems. Now I only hope that even more Linux systems get deployed in the enterprise and that Ubuntu takes a fair share of that piece of the market.

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