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July 25, 2009

I thought I share the Firefox plugins I use and which make me use Firefox in the first place. Without these plugins Firefox would be just a browser of many and the webkit browsers render faster on my Kubuntu ;-).  So these Plugins make the difference for me.

  • NoScript: Without I feel “unsafe” in the internet. It allows JavaScript, Java and other executable content to run only from trusted domains of your choice. You can activate JS only for a session also, so you’re save again next time.
  • Cookie Monster: This plugin allows me to manage my cookies. I can set from which domains I accept which kind. e.g. I accept cookies only for the session from a domain if it is needed.
  • Xmarks: I use this plugin to sync my bookmarks between systems and also to have a backup at all times of them. You can also use it do sync/save your stored passworts securely.¬† You can also use your own server.
  • DownloadHelper: You never know when you would like to download a flash movie or something like this onto your PC. This plugin will enable you to do so.
  • Yip: If you’re using something like for instant messaging you surely would like to get notifications of a new message also outside the tab in your browser, as it mostlikely happens that you’re working with an other program or in an other tab. If so, take a look at Yip, as its supports¬† supports Fluid and Prism which cover the large majority (100%?) of currently implemented notifications.


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  1. Hey Robert,
    Thanks for the post.
    If I may – two more really neat addons:
    1. New Tab King: gives a dashboard of useful stuff when you launch a new tab. (This is actually my favorite FF extension).
    2. StumbleUpon – let’s you discover new websites by predefined categories.


    – Brad

    Comment by brad — July 25, 2009 #

  2. Thx Brad, the New Tab King plugin looks cool.

    Comment by robert — July 26, 2009 #

  3. Xmarks might be pretty safe, but storing passwords, I’d never recommend. SyncPlaces is another pretty good Synchronisation Addon.

    I Also like
    – Go Parent Folder 1.9 (Searches for Parent Folder if a document is not found)
    – ShowIP 0.8.17 (Shows the IP of the current Page – Good against Phishing)
    – SeoQuake SEO extension 2.5.8 (HElps optimizing the own page in search engines)
    – oerr – Oracle Error Code Lookup 20090424 (Helps finding Oracle Errors)
    – 404-Error ? 1.2.1 (Really HOT Addon, if u have an document saved in ur bookmarks but cant find it months later, the addon will search sites like for a backup document)
    – ErrorZilla Plus 0.7 (Advanced options when an error occures)
    – Load Time Analyzer 1.5 (See if ur page is loading quickly and why its slow)
    – Majstro Translate 1.1 (Translates pretty good)


    Comment by Rodnox — July 26, 2009 #

  4. No Script is neat. My list of must have add-ons include Read it Later, Billeo , Adblock plus and Screengrab .

    Comment by Mary — August 3, 2009 #

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